Cultural Anthropology
West Valley College
Winter 2013
Reader Articles
Ethnographic Film
#1 Body Ritual Among the Nacirema
#2 Eating Christmas in the Kalahari
#3 One Hundred Percent American
#4 Doing Fieldwork among the Yanomamo
#5 Do You Speak American?
#6 Shakespeare in the Bush
#7 The Berdache Tradition
#8 A Womans Curse?
#9 Understanding Eskimo Science
#10 The Inuit Paradox
#11 Meeting the Maasai
#12 Too Many Bananas...
#13 Ties That Bind
#14 What's Love Got to Do With It?
#15 When Brothers Share a Wife
#16 Arranging A Marriage in India
#17 Death Without Weaping
#18 Eyes of the Ngangas
#19 Ancient Teaching
#20 The Arrow of Disease
#21 The Battle for Cattle
#22 Can Minority Languages be Saved?
Module 1
The Nature of Anthropology
Module 2
The Nature of Culture
Module 3
How Cultures are Studied
Module 4
Language and Communication
Module 5
Warriors of the Amazon
Patterns of Subsistence: Food Foragers
Patterns of Subsistence: Food Producers
Module 6
Economic Anthropology
The Highland Maya: A Case Study in Economic
Module 7
Sex and Marriage
Module 8
Family and Household
The Yucatec Maya: A Case Study in Marriage and
the Family
Module 9
Kinship and Descent I
Kinship and Descent II
Module 10
Age Common Interest and Stratification
The Aymara: A Case Study in Social Stratification
Module 11
Political Organization
Module 12
Social Control
Module 13
Religion and Magic
The Asmat of New Guinea: A Case Study in Religion
and Magic
Module 14
The Arts
New Orleans Black Indians: A Case Study in the Arts
Module 15
Culture Change
Cricket the Trobriand Way: A Case Study in Culture
The Future of Humanity